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Corporate Responsibility Catalonia Bávaro Beach Golf & Casino Resort Resort

Corporate Responsibility Hotel in Punta Cana

Corporate Responsibility
Catalonia Hotels & Resorts stands out for being a humanist company. Year after year we make social activities in the interests of the community, we make part of ecological and sustainable development events, and we involve all our collaborators and even some of our guests.

Among the activities we carry out, the following are worth mentioning:

We donate food, clothes and Lost and Found goods to old people's homes We give school vouchers, interest free student loans and notebooks for children of the collaborators for the beginning of school year. Catalonia Restores Your House, builds two houses for its collaborators.
Day of Hope - Niños y Niñas de Cristo Orphanage: As usual, Catalonia Hotels & Resorts celebrates a delicious Christmas lunch at the Niños y Niñas de Cristo Orphanage, in La Romana. During the activity, executives and collaborators of the hotels prepare an exquisite lunch for kids, who also enjoy the dances, entertainment and, at the end, the long-awaited arrival of Santa Claus bringing gifts to all the children.

Every year, executives and collaborators join together to sponsor the children of Niños y Niñas de Cristo Orphanage with school supplies. It is a practical commitment to ensure a better future for these children and provide them with the tools they need to achieve their educational goals.

Ecology and sustainability are an essential part of our company, this is why we constantly support the waste management, in both storage and public areas, the implementation of turning our golf course and garden refuse into organic components, and the project of creating a coral nursery in order to restore the coast area.

We always devote our attention to our collaborators, hence the fact that in dates such as the Children's Day, Mother's Day. Father's Day or birthdays, we organise celebrations in order to promote healthy living together and the participation of all the staff.

We promote the development and constant growth of our collaborators, for that reason we encourage them to do trainings in other areas of the institution and after finishing them, they can be promoted and work in other jobs in our resort.

We offer training courses during the entire year and languages classes, so that our collaborators get the skills and knowledge they need to grow in terms of career in our organisation.